Warm water for morning stimulation


Water is an amazing food. In the time we are living most people drink more and more bad beverages. So water is often in mind as a product for cleaning. But water is so effective - cold and in warm. Warm water is more than just a simple drink. Through the warming up some body processes get be faster activated and improved in their execution.

Body Functions in the Sleep Phase

In our sleep phase, many body functions are reduced in their activity. Our body uses this time for regeneration. Linked to this is a decreased heart rate and the blood pressure drops. In the time between 5 and 6 o'clock in the morning, the metabolic activity is the lowest, whereby the body temperature 1 is also lowest in the time from 2 to 6 o'clock at night.

But what do we actually mean by metabolism? Metabolism is a biochemical process in which energy is extracted from food. As everyone knows, the combustion of material releases energy (heat). The same is true of the combustion of food 2. A good comparison here is to imagine a cold winter day, where you want to light the barbecue with the outside paper.


So if you have to get up regularly early in this period, you should promote your metabolism in the morning. A simple method for this is drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. The emphasis is on warm and not hot. The body organs are cautiously supported in the reception of their activities. This will become clear later by a new urine. At the same time, body temperature, circulation and thus, of course, the blood circulation are also stimulated. Likewise, the intestinal activity can be stimulated with you. Warm water dissolves better in fats occurring in food.


Taste additives

If you are still reluctant to drink water in the morning because of the taste, the water can also be enriched with a few drops of lemon juice. As an alternative, use a warm, short-time feared fruit tea. If you do not have an appetite to eat in the morning, you can also add a drop of peppermint 3. It is an addition to stimulating the feeling of hunger and the ability to concentrate is also increased. A cup of coffee 4 on an empty stomach is not recommended. The positively hoped-for way of doing this would be invalid.


The right application for warm water

The use of warm water in the morning is not intended as a thirst extinguisher. Excessive amounts of fluids are only stress our kidneys. Immediately after rising up you should drink up to 640 ml of water. This is equivalent to 4 glasses of water with 160 ml each. For the beginning, start with 1-2 glasses of warm water. Who would like to increase the amount slowly. It is important to drink it swallowing. Then wait 30-45 min before the following meal. We will discuss this 640 ml and other positive effects of warm water in more detail at a later time.

1 Körpertemperatur (D)
2 Burning Chips (D)
3 Pfefferminzöl - belebt und erfrischt Körper und Geist (D)
4 Kaffee nicht auf nüchternen Magen trinken (D)


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