Magic cure vitamin C


Vitamin C is associated with the fruit lemon and health. Every year in the fall and winter time, the adults again become to trusting children and believe in this. Of course, summer time should here not be unexpected. This is related to the regular outbreak of the common cold.

Vitamin C was in past long time mentioned as magic cure

Just in time, as if someone has set the clock afterwards, the first children or work colleagues return with the ongoing of cold symptoms in their homelands and spread their newly acquired property with their fellow human beings. All in all, the demand for vitamin C is dramatically increasing in related products, also known as ascorbic acid. The belief in a miracle effect unfolds abruptly.


Until the 19th century, many people - especially seafarers - suffered from the disease scurvy1 (in babies also known as Möller-Barlow disease). This was feared at the time because it can lead to death. Scurvy is the result of malnutrition. The symptoms of the disease are many. Some of them are susceptible to infectious diseases, fatigue and high fever.

In the designated time, the knowledge in medicine was not as comprehensive as in our time. The people of that time feared everything that was not easy to explain. Later explanations often arose out of coincidence. Healing successes were therefore often classified as miracles. Most of the findings come from research today.

Where does the belief in the magic cure vitamin C come from?

British seafarer James Cook has recognized the link between scurvy and malnutrition. Scurvy is triggered by an extreme months-long vitamin C deficiency. James Cook therefore provided his team for prevention the consumption of sourcrout.

Sourcrout contains 20.9 mg of vitamin C. This is almost twice as much as an apple. Even by cooking the vegetables, only 30% are lost. At the same time, the lactic acid supports a healthy bacterial flora, which in turn strengthens the immune system.

Effect on colds

Vitamin C is important for the human body. Vitamin C works in many important functions or in other words, can lead to serious deficiencies. In a cold, however, vitamin C is completely ineffective.

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