Water - Source of Life


Water is nearly everywhere in the world available. The quality can be different in each country. This is depending on the internal control of the goverments. This is a article about the general facts of water.

Water as a natural food for humans

Increasingly more people are avoiding water. Due to the saturated market of artificial flavors, the in comparison unimpressive taste of this food is no longer perceived. Water is in its origin a natural food.

In many regions of the world, unfortunately, this loses more and more in quality. The impurities caused by human also change the mode of action of this drink.

Also, there are over many years still countries that have a lack of water. New countries have come in the last few years due to climate change.

Control of water quality


There is a strict drinking regulation in many countries1. However, this is not defined worldwide. Through appropriate cleaning processes, not only the bad components are filtered out. At the same time other healthy components are inadvertently filtered.

Mineral water2 offers basically no better solution. Certain concentrations of contained ingredients may also exceed the limit values.

The best quality is still found in an almost unspoiled nature, where the water is taken directly from a spring. But who has the opportunity to go to such a source every day?

Wasser trinken

For daily use, water from the crane can be used in most European cities. Due to the strict regulation it is almost everywhere drinkable. If you want to improve the quality a bit, you can also use a corresponding filter.

Nutrients included

Back to the introductory theme. The natural taste in the water comes from the minerals bound in it, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride ions. These are very small and will give the untrained palate a slight taste experience.

Although many would like to do without this food, this fluid is essential for our body. A human consists of between 50% and 70% water, depending on age and sex. Also not insignificant are the 85% water content in our brain3. Many functions in our body depend on water4.

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