Slimming starts in your mind

Slimming can be frustrating. Each morning the same, you feel uncomfortable. You stay in front of the mirror. The truth is you are be overweight. All diets tested and nothing works.

Slimming starts in your mind with healthy food

Slimming is for many like a ritual in the daily life. One group planned the goal on turn of the year to loose weight.

The next group like to use the time of the fasting months. The last group finally make it before the summer holidays.

The yellow press support us with many articles about losing weight or diet. Why is slimming for many like a ritual?

Much better would be to loose weight for permanent. Slimming can not be solved by dieting. Slimming begins in your head.

Slimming begins in your head

Seen Zoological human belongs to the group of higher mammals. Each animal has acquired through adaptation and learning processes which food is the best.

Under laboratory conditions, mice have shown compile their food in the right proportions. The natural diet is adapted to the digestion, the body and its capabilities. Due to the natural diet the body is in an inner balance.


If we apply this reasoning to humans, this trait is also present in humans.

In a society1, where the humane behavior of the adaptation and the original learning of knowledge are still practiced genuine, it can even lead to obesity. The essential difference is, the negative side effects such as diabetes or heart disease do not occur.

In this context, being overweight does not necessarily have to be negative. However, the overall context must always be considered. What is seen in the populations in hostile regions as harmless, is not true in the "Western" cultures.

In these populations more triglycerides (neutral fats) and inflammatory substances contained in the blood, which are considered for the designated disease as a major contributory. Consequently, obesity is classified as a concern in these social groups.

Learned cultural knowledge is lost

Unfortunately, the natural diet was increasingly neglected over many generations in different social groups. The principle is similar to a spiral. Existing knowledge is becoming increasingly rare passed to the next generation. Because of this, knowledge is slowly being lost.

Acquired learning processes are increasingly lost. This development is also increasingly aware controlled in an industrialized society from industry and other institutions through appropriate media. The methodology is widely here. They like to work with suggestions or faulty statistics. Depending on the prevailing legal situation, the paths are easier to understand and more subtle in their application.


With the previous introduction is more clear, who suffer from obesity and living in the affected region, should adjust his nutrition. Unfortunately, this requirement is for many easier said than done.

Today's media are overflowing with advice, instructions and diets. Then there are the suggestions by doctors and nutritionists. Where should you start and which procedures should be followed?

This report offers not the right solution for every individuals. Who is realistic or has worked more extensively with the subject knows that every person with his body is an individual. The procedure will be as advertised in the media and most specialists, may work for some of the people and not for the remaining part.

Often things are standardized in our society. But human does not match any standard, where alone statistics are transmitted to the individual.

Obesity develops not only after childhood

Everyone has a story. This starts early in the womb. Obesity occurs not only when a infant is growing. There are already overweight infants 2 3 at birth.


The emergence of obesity in a human runs like a red line through his life. One starts already in the womb, the next in his childhood.

Finally, there is an increasingly shrinking group that never have the whole life overweight. Why is it about these different points in time (or not), depends on the individual development of human.

The only thing that is unfortunately irrevocably fixed in the human body, fat cells, once formed, are never taken down by the body itself. Therefore sufferers should thoroughly consult the subject apart to protect against the yo-yo effect.

This may sound threatening to the one or two, be a call to surrender or better to make one's own responsibility and the challenge for a healthier life. Lets compare the simplicity times overweight with a chronic illness.

People with a chronic disease have a lifetime to agree with it. It allows us to peacefully live or fight against this and ultimately lose. It is better to arrange with it.

Same is also with obesity. In order for these objectives remain successful, you have to search for the causes. The next sequence step is to realize the operation of the own body.