Digestion in humans simply explained

Often people have no idea how the human digestion works and where it started. Mainly is the thinking, the whole process of digestion will be done in the stomach. This missing knowledge has effect on the way we eat and what we eat.


The importance of digestion

The term digestion is mentioned by most people in everyday life as something trivial. We like to remember the digestion in case of problems. The main thing is that our body works as desired.

With increasing age, however, more and more small and ever-increasing complaints come. Even then, we only pay attention to the relevant places with complaints. But our body is far more complex in its structure. This is for many not necessarily understandable.

The most important topic in this context is good nutrition. So our body can take best care over maintenance. Our body is comparable to a complex movement. Better still the comparison with a car. We love technology. Only a few love their digestion to the same way.

Refuel with diesel instead of petrol


Nutrition is an essential component of our digestion. Many people think that whatever I eat or drink is good for my body. The main thing is to eliminate the feeling of hunger, the body works as desired, the daily work can be done.

Let's take up the previous example again. Let's take the technology of a car as a model. A car itself is a lifeless shell. Every car enthusiast knows that to run the car, it needs fuel, oil and water. If we give petrol as fuel to a car with a diesel engine, the engine will be damaged in a short time. Well, the example lags a bit. In such a damage, the engine and correspondingly damaged parts can be replaced. This can cost a lot of money, but can be fixed quickly.


Damage to organs

The situation is different with our digestion. In some cases, poor nutrition can also lead to total failure in the short term. However, much more decisive, is the long-term damage that slowly develops unnoticed. In both scenarios, the "spare parts" can not even be easily replaced.

This creeping process first harms only one organ or body process in a harmless case. The fatal mistake that many make here, it is an essential aspect left unconsidered.

Our body is a complex, sophisticated network, which is coordinated with each other. If an organ is permanently damaged, this has long-term effects on other organs and bodily functions as well.

The result is impairments to our health due to illness or diminished functioning of our body. Therefore, digestion is an essential, if not the most important, component of an optimally functioning body.

The electronic brain is included

The body itself assesses which nutrients are needed in the body. If a particular nutrient is not or only insufficiently available, dependent body processes are reduced in their execution. In case of emergency, these are also completely discontinued, so that the body is protected from major damage. By now everyone should understand why digestion and a healthy nutrition are so essential to our body.

1 Alimentary tract