Detect Ravenousness in your daily life

The trigger for ravenousness is placed in our subconsciousness. Everybody is a consumer. Within the last couple of years the marketing get be steady more professional to trigger the consumer to buy more products in their daily life. This happens also in the food industry.

Ravenousness in special situations

The topic nutrition is much more complex than the individual are expect. Related on this the reasons for ravenousness1 are sophisticated. In this category we will have a look for the reasons and present analogue proposed solutions.

In the beginning we have to divide between regular ravenousness and ravenousness in special situations and irregular times.


Lets start first with ravenousness in special situations. Everybody knows from his past you go on a fair, walk along a pedestrian area or make shopping in the supermarket.

In all these situations neuronal stimuli get be activated out of a big overstimulation. These situations neuronal are made by our sensory organs eyes, nose and mouth.

Take the following example: In most pedestrian areas you will find next normal shops also restaurants and fast food restaurants. Mainly the last group offers street trading with open doors and a showcase surface with sales presentation.

By this way they try to manipulate our situations neuronal to get our attention. This form of presentation stimulates our eyes and nose at the same time, so we see and smell the nice food. Cross these stimuli already positive impressions from the past, the probability is high to go to the source of the sensory impressions and succumbing to allures to eat the food.

This process is unconscious. Because our sensory organs can react on small amounts on long distance, we are surprised, when we are "suddenly" in front of the signal sources. The final sales process of the food is just a follow-up process.

Ravenousness in the supermarket


You find a similar situation from the pedestrian area on a fair or in the supermarket. In supermarkets the olfaction get be less stimulated. In opposite they work more with light effects, so mainly the visual charms get be stimulated. You will find this in fruit or vegetable area, also for meat and sausage products. With the right light the colors of the products shine more attractive and shiny, means we prefer more to buy the products.

In some markets they work in the meantime with other additional technics. They spray artificial flavours in the air or play sensitive music. By this way our sensory organs get be stimulated as well.2 A comfortable feeling get be created and we realize the shopping as an adventure.

Another known situation happens often in restaurants. In many restaurants you get before the real meal often some bread, which increase our sensation of hunger.

With these examples it get be more clear, where and how we daily get be manipulated. In the next chapter we will have a look to the regular ravenousness.



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